ACHAIA: More than 11,000 visitors at this year’s Helmos Mountain Festival

Now we count down to the beginning 2ο Helmos Mountains Festival It premiered on Friday, June 21 and will entertain thousands of visitors over four days.

We are talking about four days full of activities, relaxation and acquaintance with nature on the slopes of the Enchanted National Park and World UNESCO Geopark Helmos Vouraikos!

Countless outdoor activities for all ages and all moodsparallel acts and of course another unique Line up, every night the events will be closed with a special concert of top artists.

To start with the last one, this year’s festival features singers with a lot of experience, Bands by Alcinoos Ioannidis, Yiannis Haroulis, Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Iulia Karapataki and more.

In general, this year it is clear that events are more “rich” than last year. There are countless activities related to alternative tourism such as mountain climbing, archery, horse riding, zip line and many more. There will also be activities of interest to tourists, such as guided tours to Lake Tsivlou with a special guide.

Organizers also offer culinary options for example hunting wild truffles in the forest with a private guide and then any truffles collected will be cooked on site by a private chef.

In addition to music, there are comedy options to suit all tastes.
With so many options on offer, it’s only natural that interest is high, and 11,000 tickets have already been sold.

Most visitors will camp on the mountain with special tents, but many preferred Kalavryta hotels, as a result of which there is not even room for a sample.

It’s about whether there are a few rooms left outside the town of Kalavryta that are expected to close very soon.
The organizers have ensured that all necessary safety measures are followed.

The director of Alexis Agrios Ski Center informed usexactly what was needed was taken so that the slightest problem did not arise.

EKAV will be an ambulance Red Cross volunteers, health workers of the Ski Clinic and Kalavryta Hospital will also be on call around the clock.

It will also be in cooperation with the Police and the Municipality increased security measures, also the presence of men from the Fire Service.

Another sign that this year’s Helmos festival will be a success is that its turnover is said to be more than that of the Kalavryta ski resort, which has been closed for a long time due to a mild winter.

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