A music and football meeting with Mikis Theodorakis, “Chief Musician”.

Art meets art, a few days ago on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Greece winning the Euros and the burgeoning 2024 event welcomed “art” to the stadiums cultural creativity nthey were never apart from each other, on the contrary had common connections often “invisible” to many people, mainly because of the media’s presentation of the issues and have been left out for years.

International at the home of Mikis Theodorakis

The event took place under the music of football fans Miki Theodorakis the archive is stored in the Music Library of the “Friends of Music” Association. The main event in the reports is the meeting of the great composer in his home in 2012 with the champions of Euro 2004 Greece.he then called on them to take the lead in fighting the memoranda because, as he characteristically reminded them, countries that imposed them on us had won in the courts.

In particular, an event was held in the Concert Hall under the organization of “Music Friends” Association “Cancel” fan initiative for good football “Music and Football”.

The selected speakers shared their experiences with the two arts, football and music, and gave the audience moments of emotion, joy and laughter. Coordinated by Alexandros Harkiolakis, Director of Friends of Musi

Valia Vraka, Greek Music Archive, responsible for the “Lilian Voudouri” Library

A memorial plaque to a sportsman, a scientist, a music lover Aristide KamaraPresident of “Music Friends” Association M. Panos Dimaras laureate to his wife Mrs Amalia Pialoglou-KamaraAristides Kamaras himself thanked and talked about the issue Music and Football demonstrated with a very interesting video.

N. Malliaris presents the award to Mrs. Amalia Pialoglou-Kamara

Among others, a veteran football player also participated in the event Michalis Gerothodorospainter and member of Episkyron Petros Zoumboulakis and KKE representatives Semina Digeni and Theodoros Liapis.

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