A job where the lens is turned inside out

The game throughout (2024) is a long-form, interactive performance by Elia Iliadis that will develop over 5 weeks.

The theme of the work is host + parasite and the symbiotic relationship between them.

Using the concepts of xenophobia, fear of other’s difference and unfamiliarity in the social context, the artist creates a work in which the lens is turned inward, exploring the individual and his soul.

Referring to the work of Lacan and Freud, the “stranger” or “other” becomes the space of the unconscious, whose influence defines our lives, often beyond our control.

Illness and healing, recognition and transition, transition from one reality to another, are realized and embodied through conversation.

The audience actively participates in the creation of the work, as they are invited to sit opposite the artist and answer two written questions, anonymous or not.

These answers will be collected for 3 weeks outside different pharmacies in the center of Athens, where the artist will sit almost parasitically on the green cross-floor with two chairs and two black box-ballots.

These answers, which the audience will throw into the box, are the raw material for the final composition of the cross.

In the second box, the audience is asked to throw in any form of so-called “fare” or “ferry” coin as compensation for the passage.

The final project, with everyone’s responses, will be presented in its final form at +oikismos’ 5th consecutive group art exhibition in Halandri Refugee Settlement in late June and early July.

Organization +oikismos: Panagiotis Daramaras

Edited by: Panagiotis Daramaras – Thodoris Korelis – Ira Papadopoulou – Dimitris Chalatsis.

The dates and pharmacies where the move was made are:


Maria Kakodimou

September 3, 84 Victoria Square


Nakasis Pantelis

Patision 143 Kypseli


Nikolaos Economes

Phokionos Negri 76 Kypseli

Time: From 10:00 am


Elia Iliadis was born in 1975 in Athens. He graduated from Central Saint Martins Foundation in London in 1995 and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Athens in 2005.

He actively participated in teaching children and adults in 1999-2005.

Since 2012, he has been working on his multisensory and long-term project “Pandôra”.

His latest work explores how we experience this world through our senses and therefore through art itself.

Using various media such as sound, poetry, sculpture, video, performance, as well as senses such as taste and smell, he creates a multidimensional experience that evolves over time.

Interaction with the audience plays an important role in the dynamics of his work, as he believes that the relationship between the viewer, the creator and the work is fluid and interdependent.

To whom throughout(2024) is the artist’s third large-scale interactive work involving the public.

They came before them id (2022) reported 1,673 individuals reality check II: the inner sanctum PNA edited by Kostas Prapoglou Also, Pandora continues… (2013-2014), with 1420 participants from 12 different geographical locations in Greece.

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