70% of mental disorders occur between the ages of 12 and 25

The main theme of the conference organized at the Vafopouleio Spiritual Center was the psycho-emotional disorders of adolescence.

60-70% of mental disorders appear mainly during adolescence and between the ages of 12 and 25, with two high-risk ages for mental disorders (14.5 and 30 years), as scientists claim.

emphasized by Professor of AUTH 2nd Psychiatry Clinic, Panteleimon-Vassilios Bozikasspeaking at the headline conferenceEntering adolescence and its psychoemotional disturbances: a psychodynamic approach to a critical developmental period.“, held at Vafopouleio Spiritual Center.

He was the main speaker of the scientific conference Emmanuelle Caule, psychologist – psychoanalyst, vice-president of CILA Scientific Societies (International College of Adolescence) and CAPA (College of Aquitaine in Adolescent Psychopathology) and Professor at the University of Bordeaux who talks about entering adolescence and its psycho-emotional disorders.

He is especially interested in adolescence and especially at the beginning of adolescence, a time when many changes occur, both physically and mentally, he said.and therefore a number of mental difficulties and disorders are particularly likely to occur. As he noted, “it is especially important for both professionals, teachers and parents to respond sensitively to the reactions and concerns of adolescents, which can definitely contribute to more favorable development.“.

«The municipality is extremely sensitive to the issue of juvenile, child and youth crime, so there is joint action to eradicate this phenomenon.“, he noted, welcoming the event. Deputy Mayor for Social Welfare of Thessaloniki Municipality, surgeon Efthimios Chatzitheoklitos.

Mr. Bozikas, professor of the 2nd Psychiatry Clinic of AUTH, said: “The earlier a mental disorder appears, the worse its course and prognosis. That is, how soon should we intervene. 80% of our youth do not go to available servicesthey are wary and we are trying to overcome that“.

Peer Grigoris Ambatzoglou, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at AUTHmoderated the presentation and emphasized that “the main thing we want to emphasize is that the beginning of adolescence is a very sensitive and critical period of human development. It is important to intervene even where there is no noise“.

THE Sofia Amoiridou, child psychiatrist and scientific manager of the “Mood” Eating Disorders Day Center of ThessalonikiHe introduced the Center and noted that “a special center accepts children, adolescents and young adults with eating disorders, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorders. An understanding of adolescent processes can be the basis of a therapeutic plan for approaching maladaptive disorders.“.

This happened during the conference Presentation of “PNOES SKG” Psychosis Early Intervention Unit, by a psychiatrist Athanasios Xafenia who noted that “it is an early intervention unit for psychosis that aims to detect cases of psychosis in the community at risk (early intervention) or in which psychosis has just emerged. These conditions affect young people and often appear during adolescence or young adulthood“.

The special day, mainly aimed at health and mental health professionals, was carried out together with Vafopouleio Psychological Center of Thessaloniki Municipality, “Mood” Eating Disorder Day Center of Thessaloniki, Psychosis Early Intervention Unit “PNOES SKG”. and the Scientific Association for Child and Adolescent Care (SYMEPE).

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