5th “Little Summer University” leaves for mop island

After the successful holding of the 10th International “Greek Language, Culture and Media” Summer University in Boston, the ship of the program has made a strong development, this time returning to Greek waters, handing over the helm to the graduates. an alumni group that organizes an event called “Little Summer” every year.

5The “Language and public image in the digital age” “Little summer” will be held on August 22-25 in cooperation with the municipality of Kalimnia on the island of sponges. The action is supported by the International Summer University “Greek language, culture and media” and the Laboratory for the Study of Social Problems MME and the Pedagogical Department of the Kindergarten Teacher Education of the School of Educational Sciences of the University of Ioannina and Study in Greece, a company of Greek universities working for the internationalization of higher education.

5’s TV spotu “Little Summer” was performed by famous singer Mrs. Eleonora Zouganelis. The program is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhDs, teachers, and also accepts a percentage of professionals with similar interests in the context of lifelong learning. Offers participants recognition certificates and educational materials. The promotion is offered free of charge. The responsibility for the formulation of the program rests with the committee of the International University Alumni Group under the scientific guidance of Mrs. Nicoletta Tsitsanoudi – Mallidis, Professor of Linguistics and Greek, Director of the International Summer University.

In the program mr. Manolis Mousellis, Prefect of Kalymnos, Ioannis Mastrokoukos, Mayor of Kalymnia, Kyriakos Cortesis, President of the Association of Editors of Peloponnese – Epirus – Islands (POESY member) as well as representatives of the Association of Kalymnia and the Port of Athens Bouc. In addition, eminent academicians, journalists, politicians and artists will also grace the program with their presence and participation.

Book presentations about the past life of Kalymnos, as well as photo exhibitions about the island with the participation of Mr. Leyla, are of special interest. M. Volonaki, St. Klimi and M. Meri, traditional dances of the island will also be presented. Graduates of the International Summer University will also visit the island of Telendos, while an effort will even be made to receive online in the program of Mrs. Rinio Katsotourchi-Thiraou, the only inhabitant of Kinaros, the akrite guardian-angel of Kinaros. An inaccessible island east of Amorgos.

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