5 Health benefits

THE to keep fast Fasting is a period of seven weeks starting Green Monday and ends with Holy week.

Allowed during this period consumption vegetables, fruits, legumes rich in vitamins (A, C, E), folic acid, trace elements, antioxidants and fiber. For this reason, scientists say that it can be a protective shield against cardiovascular diseases provided it is done correctly.

As proven by scientists to keep fast has the following health benefits:

lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

helps to improve sugar regulation and blood pressure.

protects against osteoporosis and various types of cancer.

there is anti-aging properties.

Promotes better bowel function

But special attention is required certain foods such as those consumed during fasting sea ​​products (shrimp, squid, squid, octopus) are rich in cholesterol, so it is recommended that those with blood lipid problems do not eat them often and in large quantities. Also hypertensive patients Since it contains seafood, their eyes must be fourteen too much salt.

On the other hand, olives and pickles It has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels as it increases, which is not missing from any fasting table. “good” cholesterol.

Fasting during Lent: What to pay attention to

Another group of patients who should be careful during the fasting period and should seriously consider whether to fast or not. anticoagulant treatment.

In particular, foods rich in vitamin K can reduce its effectiveness anticoagulant treatment taken by the patient.

According to scientists Hellenic Cardiology Foundation (ELIKAR) this group of people is forbidden to fast because of “sudden changes in eating habits do not clog they risk their lives by damaging their heart valves.”

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