160th Anniversary of Union with Greece – Four Poetic Evenings

The 160th anniversary of the Union with Greece – Four Poetic evenings

We are pleased to announce that the Municipal Committee of the Municipality of Argostoli has approved our request for material and technical support for 4 poetry nights on the theme “Resistance Poetry of Kefalini during the British rule”.
Celebrating the 160th anniversary of the Union of Iptanissus with Greece in 1864-2024, the newspaper “Fragata” of Kefalonia organizes this beautiful and original event. Poetic material related to the British-occupation period (1809-1864) was collected in Kefalonia, the leader is Nicholas Garbis (publisher – columnist of “Fragata” newspaper, poet). With the support of Argostoli Municipality and relevant cultural associations, the event will be repeated in 4 places:

In Argostoli, as the capital, Fragata, Dilinata because one of the poems praised the unruly Dilinades, and the Cultural Association in Svoronata demanded it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2024, Argostoli, in Thalassomylos. With the dance group of the Greek High School – Argostoli Annex.

Sunday, August 25, 2024, Fragata, in Trafos. With the support of “Mermigas” Dam Association.

Wednesday, August 28, 2024, in Dilinata, in the main square. with the dance troupe of the Dilinato Association.

Sunday, September 1, 2024, in Svoronata, in elementary school. With the dance troupe “Agia Pelagia” of the Svoronata Association.

At each of the 4 locations (Argostoli, Fragata, Dilinata, Svoronata) we will aim to have at least 2 people attend the readings. The goal is for young people, boys and girls, to take a leading role.

The event will be included in the Program of the Municipality of Argostoli -2024 and the starting time is 20.00. At the end, there will be a discussion about the topic and a taste of Robola wine will be offered.

The faithful come and drink wine and dance to honor our ancestors.

In addition, along with the 160th anniversary of the Union, the 6-monthly published “Fragata” newspaper celebrates its 30th anniversary this year: it completed 30 years of publication and 60 issues.

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