Many Americans were wondering what to do after the solar eclipse

Many of those who had the opportunity to admire him yesterday are suffering total solar eclipse in USA, Mexico and Canada According to the international media, they turned to Google search and other social networks and expressed their complaints like this: “My eye hurts.” According to the American network NBC, they are searching for solutions … Read more

Kazakhstan: The last wild horses return to the steppes after a two-century break

The last group of savages horses After nearly 200 years in the world, they returned to their homeland Kazakhstan. Seven horses, including four mares from Berlin and a stallion and two other mares from Prague, were flown to the Central Asian country by a Czech Air Force transport plane. According to the Guardian. Known as … Read more

Florida has been widely criticized for removing any mention of climate change

The White House and Democratic elected officials strongly criticized the new law, which was introduced Thursday in Florida and signed into law a day earlier by the Republican governor. Ron DeSandis because it involves the removal of any reference from all official texts of the state climate change. This bill is “a disgrace,” presidential press … Read more