Kazakhstan: The last wild horses return to the steppes after a two-century break

The last group of savages horses After nearly 200 years in the world, they returned to their homeland Kazakhstan. Seven horses, including four mares from Berlin and a stallion and two other mares from Prague, were flown to the Central Asian country by a Czech Air Force transport plane. According to the Guardian. Known as … Read more

Al Pacino ‘reinvents’ himself as mobster at 84

Five decades after his performance Michael Corleone In the legendary “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola and after his legendary career in which he often “flirts” with the gangster genre (see “Scarred face», «Irishman“even this year”Knox is gone” by Michael Cliton), he Al Pacino In the movie “Captivated” he is going to present himself again … Read more

The sleep of the Milanese is gone

there is noise pollution sardciatella taste? The fact that Italian ice cream and pizza, among other snacks, are being targeted by the authorities is very serious, albeit funny. Milan. According to the logic recently expressed by the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety, Marco Granelli, the outlets in popular nightlife districts gather early in the morning … Read more