Fruits and vegetables can help us sleep better

A new study has shown how fruits and vegetables affect how many hours we sleep at night. THE to sleep and diet are key determinants of overall health and well-being, interacting with each other. A new study from Finland examined the relationship between sleep duration and daily fruit and vegetable consumption. A study by the … Read more

Wine and daily consumption: Recent studies show

How much alcohol is good for health and how much it harms it when consumed daily. For decades, scientists believed that wine, especially red wine, was a health food and that a glass or two a day could protect us from heart disease. However, more recent findings they challenge old knowledge and suggest that Like … Read more

Prince Kako at the Acropolis Museum

This morning, Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni, together with the Director General of the Acropolis Museum, Nikos Stampolidis, toured Princess Kakoya of Japan at the Acropolis Museum. The prince was particularly interested in the sculptural decoration of the Parthenon and wanted to learn in detail the method of sculpting the statues. His interest was attracted … Read more

Cholesterol: Which Legumes Can Lower It

Despite its small size, lentils are known for their high nutritional value. Now, a new scientific study shows that they may benefit the health of people at risk of developing metabolic diseases, including lowering cholesterol. THE research A study published in the journal Nutrients found associations between daily lentil consumption over 12 weeks and lower … Read more

“Lungs of the Earth”: 9th Environmental History Biday at PIOP

The Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), the Historical Research Institute of the National Research Foundation (IIE/EIE), the Department of History and Archeology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects (PSAT) and the Hellenic Environmental History Society (ELEPI) June 5, 2024- is co-hosting the 9th consecutive two-day Environmental History … Read more

5 important benefits for our health

Brown rice is rich in antioxidants, powerful compounds that protect cells from damage and support healthy aging. Brown rice is one of the most popular grains worldwide as a substitute for white rice to those who want to eat healthier. Brown rice contains relatively higher amounts of fiber, more protein than white, unsaturated fat, antioxidants … Read more