This is the new Council of the “Saint Christopher” Farsina Piraeus Association

This is the new Council of the “Agios Christopheros” Farsina Piraeus Association.

A new Board of Directors was elected in the Farsina Association elections held on May 19. For the years 2024-2026. To continue the tradition of our association, the elections ended with a positive atmosphere and mood.

On Tuesday, June 4, the newly elected members met and unanimously formed the Board of Directors. as shown:

President: Karabatos Gerasimos of Dionysios
Vice President: Simotos Marinos from Lambros
Secretary General: Vasilatos Dionysias Nikolaos
Special Secretary: Alexandrou Toumazatos Olympia
Treasurer: Corba Theodora of Kyriakos
Supervisor: Benetatou Akrivis of Christoforos
Supervisor: Korba Dimitras of Kyriakos

The new Board of Directors sincerely thanks the members of our Association who honored us with their votes.

Postal address of the association: Grigoriou Lambrakis 144 Piraeus 185 35

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