There was a lake in the crater that housed the most advanced robotic explorer on Mars

Landed in February 2021 Mars The most advanced rover we’ve ever sent to the Red Planet.

Its task was to collect samples of the planet’s soil and rocks, which would be brought back to Earth by subsequent missions for research.

The robot is also looking for signs of life that may have once existed on Mars.

Of course, its advanced instruments record and collect other geoatmospheric data, while it continuously records photos and videos.

Today, there is almost no liquid water on Mars because the planet is too cold and the pressure in its thin atmosphere is too low.

Mars is estimated to have dried up about 2.5 billion years ago, probably when it lost its protective magnetic field and subsequently its dense atmosphere.

The crew of NASA’s Endurance mission chose Jezero Crater as the area where the rover would land and investigate, as evidence suggests that the crater was once a large lake fed by a river delta about 3.7 billion years ago, so if life existed on the planet even in microbial form this visible crater is one of the prime candidates to host some life forms.

The rover’s findings and previous studies of survey data indicated Jezero’s wet environment.

A research team consisting of scientists from the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Oslo reports in an article published in the journal “Nature” that they have detected sediments related to the presence of the rover radar, which also collects data below the earth’s surface. of a lake.

“There were volcanic rocks that the rover landed on.

“The real news is that we’re now seeing evidence of lake sediments, which is one of the main reasons we came to this site.

“So it’s a happy story in that respect,” he says David PageA planetary scientist at UCLA led the research team.

It should be noted that a few 24 hours ago, the rover’s flying partner in the mission, the drone that it took to Mars, performed the function of a tracker that checks the areas where it will move to be safe for it.

Ingenuity, after an amazing three-year existence on the Red Planet, had a few weeks to work on its 72nd flight and was irreparably damaged and grounded forever.

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