The sleep of the Milanese is gone

there is noise pollution sardciatella taste? The fact that Italian ice cream and pizza, among other snacks, are being targeted by the authorities is very serious, albeit funny. Milan. According to the logic recently expressed by the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety, Marco Granelli, the outlets in popular nightlife districts gather early in the morning and the residents’ sleep becomes torture.

The intention of the municipal authorities of the Italian city is to close the open spaces of bars and restaurants from 12.30 in the morning. on weekdays and from 1:30 a.m. on weekends. Let’s see if it will take effect… In the windows of Italian newsletters, owners of health interest centers, representatives of retail associations, those affected by specific measures march. We have faced similar situations in the past and remember the result of “Papameli’s Law”.

The issue of noise pollution in the urban fabric worries many people. It’s a problem that all big cities face, especially those that live in hyper-tourism at the same time. Athens belongs to them. In the downtown areas, residents suffer from noise, music, unruly businessmen, because in many cases the license of the shop is not followed. Let’s not forget that Athens is a city with good weather for many months of the year, so even in the winter months there are tables outside the shops.

Controversial and far-fetched measures such as the ban on ice cream after midnight in Milan occur as a result of the authorities’ failure to ensure a minimum of calm in the daily lives of residents. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to set limits and rules, they don’t want to be unpleasant by doing checks and imposing fines. So there comes a point where the residents can’t stand it anymore and the decisions of the authorities are taken on the advice of panic and last as long as a scoop of ice cream.

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