The new performance of the theater group “Andromeda” at the theater of “Marina” next Saturday

“Θεατρική Περγασία Androméda” consisting of actresses Φανή Γρύλλη, Θίνα Κούκου, Σοφία Ρούβα and Анастастия Тсоутсη, presents the new show “Giatti Now” next Saturday, at 21:00, at the theater of “Marina” with free admission.

Since 2018, the theater group has been serving a specific type of theater, the theater of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The group’s previous performances are: “Women from Earth”, a project based on the testimonies of HIV-positive women broadcast in 2012, and “Katananoishes me or se Katabrochtizza”, which included the testimonies of children from all over the world about their abuse and violation of their rights. τους, το “ΕΠΠΟΡΙΟ” which is based on the testimonies of the victims of the Anti-Emporia and “It’s not a Game” which is based on the testimonies of the victims of online abuse.

This year, “The Medical Team Andromeda” decided to deal with the psychology of abuse victims, a topic that has been discussed in recent years, especially after the arrival of the #metoo movement in Greece.

The stories of the victims of emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse, as well as the reasons behind the silence of the victims, formed the basis for the creation of an original project entitled “Why Now”, which aims to inform, reflect and, unfortunately, to eliminate victim blaming.

The text of the show, the writing of which has been edited by the same team, accurately describes the facts, focusing mainly on psychological abuse/harassment in the workplace (mobbing).


Three women work in an organization that supports victims of abuse. After a complaint, they take a case of sexual exploitation. A new partner appears. Testimonies are increasing. The case is getting big dimensions. People break their silence. Personal resistance, shame, fear of social criticism. However, as long as these women try to give voice and support those who need it, they live a life that no one knows. Until now.

“Through this year’s show, we want to emphasize the necessity and importance of having a safe social environment and specialized structures/carriers to support victims of abuse, so that people can communicate and/or report their experiences without fear.

There are many reasons why victims of abuse may be slow to talk about their trauma. We focus on informing and sensitizing the public, in order to confront, through art, those who resist, critically and suspiciously, towards the victims who refused to report their abuser, often asking them the question “Why now;”, asking, that is, because of the victims. It is imperative to eliminate the phenomenon of victim blaming, because it discourages victims from fighting for their justice and perpetuates the culture of violence,” the group says.


Author of the text: Θεατρική Περγασία Ανδρομέδα

Σκηνοθεσία- Τοτισμοί: Αναστασία Φσούτση

Art editor: Σοφία Ρούβα

Screenplay: Αννα Βράτιτς & Ειρήνη Ρούμπη

Endymatological editor: Φανή Γρύλλη

Audio editing: Json (home)

Photos/ Teaser/ Trailer performance: Ντάρια Κέσοβα

Graphic editor: Nove Graphics

Publisher for the publication of the show’s program book: Εκδοσεις ΚΨΜ

Artistic editor of the program: Δημήτρης Μακρής

Production – Research for text editing: Theatrical team Andromeda

Contact: Χρύσα Ματσαγάνη

Actors: Φανή Γρύλλη, Ντινα Κούκου, Παύλος Πιέρρος, Αναστασία Φσούτση

The voice of Θάνου Αλεξιου is heard in the show.

* The text of the presentation was modified after the team’s research on the topic, through reliable sources, documentaries, and, above all, people’s testimonies.

The show is not suitable for children under 15 years old.

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