The missing “Mad Max” and the furious “Empress Furiosa”

The first Mad Max premiered in Australia over 45 years ago in April 1979. It was a post-apocalyptic action movie that was practically a b-movie for no more than $350,000. Director George Miller was 34, and the star of the film and future Hollywood star Mel Gibson was only 23 years old.

Three more films followed (two with Mel Gibson and one with Tom Hardy as Mad Max), with the fifth film in the Furiosa: Mad Max Saga premiering at the Cannes Film Festival last Wednesday. a legendary film series (the budget reached 168 million dollars, and George Miller is 79 years old).

The plot of the new film, like the rest of the “Mad Max” series, opens in the Australian outback, with the reference point being the collapse of society after Armageddon. ‘Furiosa’ is a prequel starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth and tells the story of ‘Empress Furiosa’ played by Charlize Theron in the fourth film of the Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) series. This time, “Max Rockatansky” is nowhere to be seen, “though he’s out there somewhere,” as George Miller himself puts it, chatting online with Sydney’s Alba Solaro. Republic.

“Unlike Fury Road, where everything takes place over two days and three nights, here the action takes place over sixteen years. The story focuses on a longer period, an odyssey in the mythological sense. Furiosa is a ten-year-old girl at the beginning, after all, he’s about 26. He was kidnapped from his land by a gang of mechanoids led by ‘Demented’ (Chris Hemsworth), but he promised his mother that he would find a way back and spend his life with it. Anglicization of Miliotis) famous director.

“It’s a story about how people survive in extreme situations, in a world that’s collapsing, which could be our world if we don’t change some things, a world where normal behavior has practically disappeared,” he said.

When asked if Furiosa was a feminist version of Mad Max, Miller said, “She’s a heroic character in the classic sense, she could have been a man or a woman, but the story dictated that she be a woman. In Fury Road, he ran to save a tyrant’s five wives. If he was a man, the story would have a completely different meaning.”

As for the name “Empress”, it came about by accident. When I was writing the script for Fury Road, playing with the word fury, someone told me that a friend of hers had a crippled mare named Furiosa, and that name stuck in my head.”

As for the film’s villain, Dementus, “he’s merciless, he’s amoral, he’s the reflection of a world that knows nothing but conquest and plunder, and it’s an updated version of its barbarian hordes that advance and destroy the bikers. “In the Mad Max world, all stories are allegorical, just as the classic American western or the stories of Viking warriors or Ukrainian samurai are allegorical,” said George Miller. “As historian Joseph Campbell taught in his seminal work The Hero with a Thousand Faces, we are simply telling ourselves the same story in different cultural and mythological contexts,” he added.

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