The Invisible Museum presents the “last Venuses”.

Plaque depicting Aphrodites or Nereids appearing or appearing among dolphins and sea creatures | Photo Archive of the National Museum of Archaeology

The The Invisible Museum is a successful activity of the National Museum of Archeology, which presents ancient objects selected from the world of warehouses.

After dozens of beautiful objects presented so far, the Invisible Museum welcomes the “last Venuses”. This is a small exhibition set consisting of two bone slabs depicting Aphrodites, Nereids or other nude figures and two incised pieces from Late Antique Egypt. Two slabs are of the 4th cThe h. AD brides decorated jewelry boxes, coffins or other valuable containers. Two pieces belong to the heyday of Coptic weaving from 5The until 7The h. They were sewn into the luxurious tunics, curtains (curtains) or cushions of the early Christians of Egypt.

“The Last Venuses” is presented from Friday, May 24 to Monday, August 19, 2024 in “Mehrab Hall” (No. 34).

Horse June 16hour 14 and July 28 and continues August 11 day sunday as well June 13hour 11 and July 25 and continues August 8 On Thursdays at 1:00 p.m., Museum archaeologists welcome visitors to the exhibit area and talk to them about the rich iconography of Greco-Roman Egypt, the birth of Coptic art, and the decline of a world dominated by artistic craftsmanship. and religious syncretis

  • June 13, July 11 and 25 and August 8 day Thursday, start time 13:00 and
  • June 16, July 14 and 28 and August 11 Sunday, start time

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