The geothermal tender was left with only two companies

They backed off from companies that expressed interest. What are the reasons? What does the Ministry of Energy intend to do?

The history of geothermal energy in our country has passed through several stages. From lively interest to stagnation. There are several reasons for these variations. The exploitation of low-enthalpy geothermal energy has been practiced for several years in Greece, for example in greenhouses. On the other hand, exploitation of geothermal energy for electricity production is not developed.

In the past, its abuse caused strong reactions in Milos in the 1980s, and since then there has been serious concern from the local community and initiatives have been “frozen”.

In May 2023, the Ministry of Energy decided to hold a tender in four undesignated areas of Northern Greece. In particular, in the southern basin of Strymonas, the western delta of Nestos, Akropotamos of Kavala and the southern basin – the Delta of Evros. It is recalled that in 2011, a tender was held for specific areas that were declared unequal.

The current competition started with the best signs and attracted the interest of large energy groups. In fact, in October of last year, the Ministry of Energy extended the submission of tenders until the end of November.

In fact, the ministry reported in December 2023 that “the Bid Evaluation Committee has sealed the envelopes with the confirmation documents for participation in the presence of the representatives of the candidates and will continue the evaluation of the technical and financial bids. with the terms and conditions of the competition”.

A total of five files were submitted. But as he knows Euro2day.grsome “players” backed out, resulting in interest from two companies now.

As explained by the competent sources of the Ministry of Energy, the insecurity caused by the fact that these are unknown fields, as well as the possibility that the prices of geothermal electricity do not correspond to the real costs, have deterred some investors from continuing their investments. Therefore, the evaluation of the proposals continues and the final decisions regarding the future of the competition will be announced soon.

The Ministry of Energy seeks to use geothermal fields of local interest (temperatures from 30 ° C to 90 ° C) for the development of urban district heating networks and for applications in units of the primary sector, as well as in light craft-industrial activities. . In this context, according to information, the Ministry of Energy is considering the possibility of price changes in the future.

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