“Sudden death” for 1 million landowners brings regulation for off-plan construction

“More than 2,000,000 properties that could be built until recently – as applied – will no longer be able to be built if the Ministry of Ecology and Energy’s off-plan construction plan is finally implemented…”.

Giorgos Stasinos, president of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), said this while speaking to “NEA”. What does this mean practically? “This means that more than 1,000,000 owners will lose their property through the sudden death method (!”), he adds. “NEWS” Ministry of Internal Affairs January 19, 2024, December 21, 2023 and 28 gave detailed information about the new planning in the newspapers of November 2023. The draft law on unplanned construction is expected to be submitted for public discussion in the next period.

Those with money

According to informed sources on the issue, the final steps are being taken before the draft law is put up for public discussion. However, according to the same sources, the plan – if finally adopted – will make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

“The lucky ones are those who have the money (and until the bill is passed) and who bought land in off-plan areas in the last five years because they don’t need road frontage that existed before 1977. “,” notes Michalis Kalogiannakis, Secretary General of the European Council of Topographic Engineers (CLGE).

No planning

As he said, “these parcels gain special potential and value simply because they are recently acquired and do not relate to location or town planning or some technical characteristics.

Most of these properties are in areas of special economic interest. Therefore, their value increases and these areas (mainly of tourist interest) lead to anarchic construction without planning and safety barriers.”

Example 1: Two fields of two brothers are exactly the same. Who… sells it or sells it to a relative (does the company) in the last five years, can build it, the other cannot build it… “The worst thing is that those who learn about it from leaks win. …”, says Michalis Kalogiannakis.

Example 2: The bill states that a plot of land can be built on if it was created before 1985 and sold within the last five years. If the plot of land was created in 1985-2003 and sold in the last five years, it cannot be built on. “Finally, does the government want to protect the investment made in the last five years, or does it impose other conditions?” – says TEE.

There is no legal certainty

Giorgos Stasinos emphasizes: “It is unacceptable that there is no minimum legal certainty in a European country and that the state suddenly decides to cancel the property of citizens.” “To put it more simply: even if all citizens want to cancel unplanned construction, at least there should be a transition period until the issuance of Urban Development Plans to be approved by the Council of Ministers. , if we want to call ourselves a European country”.

source; dikaiologitika.gr

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