St. Geomagnetic storm Krimyzis: Its greatest intensity may be Sunday evening 12/5

The president of the Academy of Athens spoke on the “ERTNews Update” program about the unprecedented geomagnetic storm that hit several countries with special force and caused problems in telecommunications and electricity networks. Stamatis Krimyzis said to be one of the densest ever seen.

“The phenomenon starts from the sun.

“Every time there is a huge explosion in the Sun that throws billions of tons of material (protons and electrons) into space.

“If these collide with the Earth’s magnetic field, it’s like a tsunami hitting land and causing an ‘earthquake’ of the entire magnetic field.

“All particles trapped in the magnetic field begin to fall into the atmosphere and currents are created that reach the ground,” Mr. Krimizis described the event.

As a leading astrophysicist says, this could cause major damage to power grids.

For example, as he reported in the 1980s, another geomagnetic storm blew out high-voltage transformers in North America and knocked out lights for hours from Canada to New York.

“It was one of the most intense events,” said Mr. Krimizis, noting, among other things, that similar events occur periodically every 10 to 20 years.

As for how scientists monitor geomagnetic storms, he cited satellites that try to predict eruptions.

He added that in fact the economic effects are great.

“It is estimated that if one of the big storms that happened a hundred years ago, the damage three trillion euros“, he said characteristically.

Journalist and show host Thanos Siafaka, speaking about the duration of the geomagnetic storm, explained that it has changed.

And as revealed, according to the United States National Weather Service Center, it might The biggest tension will be tonight. (…) And it’s very different because it’s usually one day.”

The president of the Athens Academy also touched on the open letter of the European academies to the candidates for the European Parliament.

“Research and innovations have entered the second priority level.

“And this is very worrying, because we all know that science and innovation are the tip of the spear for progress and economic development,” Mr Krimizis said .

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