‘Potentially dangerous’ storms could hit Chicago with damaging winds, tornado risk – NBC Chicago

The Chicago area remains at risk of severe weather Tuesday night, with the National Weather Service warning of the possibility of wind damage and the threat of tornado development in the evening.

NWS officials earlier warned of an “elevated tornado risk” associated with storms expected to race across Iowa and Missouri, according to a severe weather forecast issued Tuesday afternoon. crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois this afternoon.

These storms may “overshoot” the front heading into the region, depleting them of fuel, but they are expected to maintain their organization and plague the area with various severe weather threats.

Those could be the development of tornadoes and wind gusts of more than 75 miles per hour in some areas, officials said.

Storm Prediction Center all of northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana still have an “enhanced” risk of severe weather, the third of five categories used to rate the likelihood of severe storms developing.

The SPC estimates that parts of the western Chicago suburbs, including McHenry, DeKalb, Kane, LaSalle, Kendall and Grundy counties, have about a 10% chance of seeing a tornado form within a 25-mile radius. In Lake, Cook, DuPage and Will counties, the chance drops to 5%, while the rest of the area has a less than zero chance of a tornado.

The highest risk of tornado activity exists west of and west of Interstate 39, although tornadoes can form anywhere in the area.

The biggest threat is strong winds, some of which can exceed 75 miles per hour. The SPC’s current estimate shows a 30% chance of wind gusts greater than 50 mph within a 25-mile radius of residents’ locations.

According to officials, the timeline for storm activity is between 7:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m., with cooler temperatures arriving behind the front as it passes.

Even if severe storms do not affect certain areas, winds will still reach 40 to 50 mph, officials said.

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