Pontian Student Union: Invitation to spring dance with music in the Central Square

In a special way, the Educational Association of Pontian Students and Students of Larisa Prefecture “TO RODAFNON” invited the people of Larisa to the annual spring dance tomorrow, Saturday June 8, in the area behind the indoor gym. University of Thessaly “Gaiopolis” 21.15 pm.

Walking from the Central Square to the sounds of music and songs, they drew the attention of citizens who were aware of tomorrow’s event.

The starting time is scheduled at 21.15 with a general admission of five euros with a lottery ticket, while it should be noted that people with the line 9 of the city bus (20.00, 21.15, 22:30, 23.00).

Finally, the artistic program consists of:

Song: Giorgos Stefanidis, Alexandros Parcharidis, Konstantinos Kouloumoglou
Lira: Yiannis Tsanasidis, Koskeridis Christos
Ship, gaval, zourna: Tsanasidis Michalis
Clarinet: Siopis Michalis
Lute: Papachatzakis Ioannis, Panagoulis Panagiotis
Dowley: Zyrpiadis Ioannis

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