Outdoor weather in Crete Temperature is 26 degrees

In general, the weather will initially be clear in most regions on Tuesday 28/05, and only in the Dodecanese region will it be cloudy in the morning with occasional eclipses. local rains and individual storms. From noon, cloudiness will be observed in the central and northern continental areas, local rains will fall, mainly in the north, occasional thunderstorms will occur. Improving weather conditions expected in the evening.

Winds will blow from the west to 4-5 in Ionia, from the west to northwest to 4-6 in the Aegean.

The temperature will not change significantly. It will be 26-29 degrees on the mainland, 25-26 degrees on the Ionian islands, 26-28 degrees in the eastern island country.

Detailed weather forecast from EMY:

Weather: It is expected to be partly cloudy in the afternoon and afternoon.
Winds: 2 to 4 variable, afternoon-afternoon gradually southeast to 5 Beaufort.
Temperature: between 18 and 28 degrees.

Weather conditions: Cloudy weather conditions will prevail during the day and evening, local rain will fall in the surrounding mountainous areas, isolated thunderstorms are expected.
Winds: 2-4 Beaufort from the Southeast.
Temperature: between 16 and 26 degrees.

Weather conditions: In the afternoon and afternoon, some cloudy weather will increase temporarily, local rain and occasional thunderstorms will be observed. Improvement in the evening.
Winds: east southeast 3-4, variable winds during the day.
Temperature: between 14 and 29 degrees. Between 10 and 24 degrees in Western Macedonia.

Weather conditions: In the afternoon and daytime hours, there was some cloudiness in Epirus and the western continent with local rain and isolated thunderstorms in the continental areas.
Winds: Westerlies 3 to 5 Beaufort.
Temperature: between 15 and 28 degrees. Between 10 and 24 degrees in the interior of Epirus.

Weather: Some clouds temporarily increased during the afternoon and afternoon, with localized rain in the Sterea Mountains.
Winds: Variable 2 to 4 and southerly 3 to 4 in the afternoon and temporary local 5 Beaufort in the south.
Temperature: between 16 and 29 degrees.

Weather: Generally clear.
Winds: West northwest 4-5, east 5-6.
Temperature: between 19 and 26 degrees.

Weather: Only in the Dodecanese region, a few clouds will increase in the morning and there will be local showers or isolated storms.
Winds: 4-5 from the north, 5-6 Beaufort in the Dodecanese, and will weaken in the evening.
Temperature: between 19 and 28 degrees. 2-3 degrees lower in the north.

Weather conditions: In the afternoon and daytime hours, some cloudy weather temporarily increased, local rain and separate thunderstorms were observed in the mountains.
Winds: Variable 2-4 Beaufort and gradually southeasterly with the same intensity.
Temperature: between 15 and 29 degrees.

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