Opening of the Central Public Library of Larissa Konstantinos Koumas

Larissa Public Central Library Konstantinos Koumas opens its permanent exhibition “Opening the Public” after many years of great efforts by the previous Ephorate Council, which proudly and joyfully embraces the new Ephorate Council, Director and staff. Larisa Central Library Konstantinos Koumas”.

The opening of the exhibition will be on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at 12:00 in the Auditorium of the Library.

The exhibition gives the visitor the opportunity to get acquainted with the turbulent history of the People’s Library, which is still unknown to many, through the rich archive material. This long history dates back to the first attempts to create it by the Municipality of Larisa in 1891, but it was prevented by the political development of the time, a significant number of rare donations from honest citizens and institutions. manuscripts and antiquities – published from the 16th century onwards – and finally its creation as the Municipal Library in 1939, during the difficult years of the occupation, it was moved three times, changed its legal framework and changed its name. 1976 to the “Larissa Konstantinos Koumas Public Central Library”. The fair still reveals its modern face, packed not only with activities, but also with educational events.

Georgia Tsiana, director of the library, and Iulia Kandila, a philologist, will talk about the library’s history, efforts to illuminate and display archival materials, manuscripts, and archetypes.

Archaeologist-museologist Paraskevi Archontoulis will talk about the planning of the museum, followed by a guided tour of the exhibition area.

President of the Ephorate Council, Eleni-Marina Xinopoulou, will give a congratulatory speech.

The coordinator of the event is Giorgos Diamantis, a philologist-employee of the Library.

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