‘Little Reindeer’: The woman who inspired the series appeals for justice

A British woman who says she is the woman who appears as the violent and manipulative woman in The Little Reindeer (Baby deer), his latest hit series Netflixyesterday, Thursday, sued the platform for defamation, demanding $170 million in damages.

Fiona Harvey emerged from anonymity after fans of the show recognized her as the real ‘Martha’, the woman who spied on and stalked ‘Donny’, the main character of ‘Little Reindeer’.

In this seven-episode phenomenon, which aired in April, Scottish actor Richard Gadd, playing himself, navigates years of stalking by a woman. The credits say “true story”.

“This lawsuit (…) is the biggest lie in the history of television,” Harvey’s lawsuit filed in California states. The woman believes that she was defamed and accuses Netflix of causing her emotional harm.

“It’s a lie told by Netflix and show creator Richard Gadd out of greed and a thirst for publicity; it’s a lie to get more viewers, more attention, more money and ruthlessly destroy the life of plaintiff Fiona Harvey.” giving

It is added, “because it was a better story than the truth.”

In the series, “Martha” has been harassing the actor for years, sending him thousands of emails and voicemails, going to the bar where he works and comedy shows, going so far as to attack his parents and boyfriend.

He also seems to have sexually assaulted the actor.


At the end of April, Richard Gadd called on Instagram fans to stop trying to discover the true identity of the people depicted in the series.

In interviews, she said she changed details of the story to protect the real “Martha,” but Fiona Harvey’s identity quickly spread on social media, with netizens even going so far as to make threats against her.

After being named, Harvey denied texting or assaulting the actor in a television interview. He says he has received threats against his life.

The Netflix He did not immediately respond to AFP’s request for comment.

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