Johnny Depp-Satan VS Jeff Bridges

As Andrew Pulver says watchmanJohnny Depp will play Satan with Jeff Bridges-God in the new film directed by Terry Gilliam.

In an interview with his magazine Premiere, the British filmmaker announced that he has signed a contract with Depp to star in his next film, “Carnival at the End of Days.” Gilliam had already described his film by speaking publicly about Depp Diversity When he appeared at the Red Sea Film Festival in December, he said, “god is destroying humanity and the only character who wants to save him is the devil and johnny depp plays the devil“.

In an interview on the occasion of Terry Gilliam’s performance at the Annecy Animation Festival, where he will receive the Cristal Lifetime Achievement Award, the British director announced that the cast will include Jeff Bridges, Adam Driver and Jason Momoa.

Regarding the role of Bridges, the director said: “He will not be the God we are used to. In the film, God is nature. But nature that can talk to you… I’ll need animation to bring it to life because there are at least 15 animals in the scene with God. And it’s going to be complicated because it has to be realistic and it’s going to cost a lot“.

Gilliam said that he is trying to determine exactly when and where the film will be shot. Filming is currently scheduled to begin in January 2025.

Johnny Depp’s appearance in Terry Gilliam’s new production is an important step in the American star’s career recovery in the wake of his acrimonious separation and divorce from Amber Heard. Depp lost a defamation suit against the Sun over the British tabloid’s allegations that he attacked Heard, but – broadly – won a defamation suit against his ex-wife, who claimed she physically and sexually assaulted him.

After the legal battles ended, Johnny Depp appeared as Louis XV in the French period drama Jeanne de Barry, The King’s Mistress, directed by Maywen, who also starred in the film. He also announced this will direct a biography about the famous Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani.

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