India: At least 15 dead in extreme heat possible record heat in Delhi

Yesterday, Thursday, at least 15 people died in the eastern states of Bihar and Odisha due to heat. India authorities announced as part of the country faces extreme conditions heat wave is expected to continue until Sunday.

New Delhi’s Mungespur district recorded the country’s highest temperature this week at 52.9°C, though forecasters are checking sensors at the district’s weather station and may revise the reading.

Other sensors in the capital showed a temperature of up to 49.9 degrees.

According to the India Meteorological Department, the heat is expected to subside in northwest and central India in the coming days, but the heat wave is expected to continue for two more days in the eastern part of the country.

According to Indian authorities, a heat wave is when the maximum temperature is 4.5 to 6.4 degrees Celsius above normal, and an extreme heat wave is when the maximum temperature is at least 6.5 degrees Celsius higher.

Officials announced yesterday that 10 people died in a public hospital in Rourkela, Odisha, and five died in Aurangabad, Bihar, as a result of “sunstroke”.

“Seven more people died on the way to the hospital yesterday, but the exact cause of their death will be known after post-mortem,” said an Aurangabad official.

The Odisha state government has banned public servants from working outdoors from 11 am to 3 pm when the temperature is at its highest.

According to local media, 3 people have died from possible heatstroke in the state of Jharkhand, which neighbors Bihar.

In New Delhi, where the heat has caused birds and wild monkeys to pass out or become ill, the city zoo has installed pools and sprinklers to relieve its 1,200 animals.

Temperatures are expected to reach 43°C in India’s capital today, with the first death due to extreme heat this week. At the same time, New Delhi is facing a water shortage.

Meanwhile, the states of Manipur and Assam in northeastern India were hit by heavy rains from Cyclone Remal, and many areas remained under water today.

Monsoon rains affected southern Kerala yesterday, Thursday.

According to scientists, billions of people in Asia are suffering from extreme heat.

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