In Revythous. Flight over “Gas Island” (drone)

Until a few decades ago, it was a rocky island whose only “inhabitants” were seagulls. Pachi is half a kilometer from Megaron and is the gateway to natural gas in Greece.

This came to the fore after the start of the war in Ukraine and Russia closing the natural gas tap to Western countries. In short, it is one of the most important national infrastructures.

H In Revythous It is located a few hundred meters from the Black Cape of Salamis and since 1999 it has been supplying energy to the country and the Balkans. Tankers from Algeria, Qatar, Australia and America are loaded there with large quantities of fuel (LNG) and temperatures of -160

Revythoussa is an uninhabited island opposite Pachi Megaron. This is where liquefied natural gas comes from. Image credit: Michael Miller

It enters the tanks through special discharge arms, is converted into gas with the help of seawater, and is then transferred to all parts of the country through two underwater pipelines. The facilities operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and safety regulations are strictly followed.

According to Revythoussa staff, a typical discharge can even take more than a day.

Revythoussa is a station that receives liquefied natural gas, which is stored in three tanks and heated by pumping.

It is gasified, that is, it changes its state from liquid to gas and channeled into the network. The total capacity of three tanks is 225 thousand cubic meters, and the gasification number is 1400 cubic meters of LNG per hour.“, says Aristotelis Nastos, director of the liquefied natural gas facility at Revythoussa.

The capacity of three reservoirs of Revythousa is only 225 thousand cubic meters. Image credit: Michael Miller

Megarite objections and delays

Revythoussa was not chosen as an entry point for natural gas in Greece by chance. A place had to be found that was close enough to Attica, but at the same time far enough away from the inhabited areas, that in the event of an accident, human life would not be in danger.

But when plans to build natural gas facilities at Revythoussa became known, Megara residents rose up, fearing that a future accident would expose them completely.

According to the information of that time, in July 1990, dozens of Megarite rocks landed on the island to prevent the progress of the works. Their slogans are “Hands off Revythousa!“and”The people demand that Revythousan be saved!

The following month, the residents of Megara, Salamina and Nea Peramos closed the EO for one hour. Athens-Megaron at the “Kaminia” site.

In the summer of 1990, the Megarites expressed their opposition to plans for a rock island in Revythoussa. Image sources: “Ta Nea” and “To Vima” newspapers

The construction of the first two tanks and the remaining facilities was undertaken by a joint venture under Germany Dwydag. By 1993, however, little progress had been made and the company folded.

After many delays, the work was completed and the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal “opened” its doors at the end of November 1999.

100 billion drachmas were spent on the investment and various improvements have been made since then. Today, it is one of 28 liquefied gas stations operating in the Mediterranean and Europe.

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