Florida has been widely criticized for removing any mention of climate change

The White House and Democratic elected officials strongly criticized the new law, which was introduced Thursday in Florida and signed into law a day earlier by the Republican governor. Ron DeSandis because it involves the removal of any reference from all official texts of the state climate change.

This bill is “a disgrace,” presidential press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre commented.

“Climate change is an undeniable fact,” said Florida House Democrat Frederica Wilson.

The southeastern state, known for almost constant sunshine, recorded record temperatures last summer.

Which did not stop Ron DeSandis, a failed candidate for their anointing Republicans To be a candidate in the November 5 presidential elections —defeated by Donald Trump in the process — Defending legislation that satisfies climate change skeptics on the American right.

“The legislation I’m authorizing (…) will keep wind farms off our beaches, fuel in our tanks, and China out of our state,” the governor gushed.

“We are restoring common sense in our approach to energy and rejecting the agenda of radical environmental fanatics,” said Mr DeSandis, who has campaigned against lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic and opposes transgender rights.

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