Another round of severe weather is possible – NBC Chicago

The Chicago area is under an “enhanced” risk for severe weather Tuesday, and a stormy Monday with strong systems and systems in sight poses the threat of damaging winds and even tornadoes. some parts of the region were damaged.

According to NBC 5 Storm Team meteorologist Alicia Roman, the greatest threat for storms will come Tuesday evening and “all weather hazards are possible.”

“The best chance to see these showers and thunderstorms will really move west to east after 7 p.m.,” Roman said.

The threat comes after a mostly dry day that will feel more like the Fourth of July than May, as temperatures could reach 90 degrees for the first time this year.

But strong storms will hit the region from 19:00 to midnight, “it will quickly pass our evening hours,” said Roman.

Early morning forecasts call for storms to begin in the western suburbs between 7 and 8 p.m. and reach the city limits between 9 and 10 p.m., Roman said. They are then expected to hit the southern states and head into northwest Indiana before midnight.

“We got through it pretty quickly, but it definitely can take a hit,” Roman said.

The entire Chicago area is here “amplified” risk a level three threat out of five threats for severe weather.

Roman said the biggest threat from the storms would be damaging and destructive winds, with gusts up to 75 mph considered the “primary threat.”

“But tornadoes are behind it, too,” Roman said. “These possible spin-up, brief tornadoes are possible in the evening. Most of this will be at night when you’re sleeping, so find a way to get an alert on your phone.”

Officials could see more severe winds and a higher tornado threat in areas west of the Chicago area, while areas around the Quad Cities are at a potentially “moderate” risk of severe weather.

After the storms, temperatures begin to cool with highs in the mid-70s, though the 80s return by the end of the week with another chance for showers.

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