An “island” where residents move by boat. Watch the video

Local residents living near the man-made Lake Chippewa in Wisconsin, USA, have to work together almost every year with their boats to move a floating island that is literally rooted in the area!

A paradoxical event occurred when a dam was built on the Chippewa River in 1923, flooding 15,000 acres.

As a result, pieces of peat appeared and solid masses formed in the swamps. Over the years, vegetation began to grow on top of the peat formations. The roots of the plants actually helped form the floating “islands”

Today there are many in the lake and they vary in size. Although the islands were created a century ago, it is not unlikely that more will be created

The largest that exists so far is called the “Forty Acre Swamp”, where trees that grew a few years ago are visible. But the floating island often causes concern for local residents as it approaches the bridge that connects the east and west sides of the lake.

So, dozens of local residents are forced to mobilize to get away from the island with their boats.

“It happens almost every year. It requires a community effort and you have to have the winds behind you to push it,” said one resident.

It took 25 boats working together to lift the floating island off the pier in 2022.

According to one of the locals, “When we move it, we have to get it to the right place or it can come back in a few days.”

The islands are protected by law and cannot be broken up. They are considered important habitats for various animal and plant species

A tour of Ioannina from above. The “game” of the lake with fog and historical monuments (drone)

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