An artist whose brush is guided by a spirit

Madge Gill’s work is particularly popular in outsider art, able to capture complex emotions and themes through a variety of mediums.

THE Madge Gill she seemed like a fairly ordinary East Ham housewife, spending most of her time looking after her children and supporting her husband. However, the deeper you delve into the artist’s story, the more disturbing details about his life come to light. An illegitimate child born in 1882, the Gill family suppressed him and sent him to an orphanage. From there, she was sent to work as a maid in Ontario, Canada, where she spent most of her teenage years.

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When he returned to London in 1900, he was first introduced to the world of spirituality by his aunt, with whom he lived at the time. However, this interest was soon overshadowed when she married her cousin and started the life of a housewife. His home life was endlessly tragic. Her second son died while giving birth to a near-stillbirth from the Spanish flu.

CUSTOM ART by Madge Gill

This incident left Gill bedridden for months and left him permanently blind in one eye. It was during this period that he became interested in art and creativity, which he had never been interested in before. The artist is said to preside over the spirit world and created many wild paintings, drawings and tapestries. There is a distinctly supernatural element to his work, which stems from his artistic collaboration with someone called “Myrninerest”.

Myrninerest was a spirit said to assist Gill in his artistic endeavors. Looking at his work, it’s easy to see the vast, obsessive designs as a true example of esoteric art created with the help of the supernatural. In fact, the works are likely the result of deep-seated trauma in Gill’s life and the mental health issues these experiences instilled in him.

Regardless of the true inspiration behind Gill’s work, he was horrified by his own work. He rarely exhibited his work and never sold any of his work for fear of angering or angering the spirit world. Gill stopped making art entirely after the death of his first son, which led to severe alcoholism that plagued him until his death in 1968. It was only after his death that his groundbreaking work came to light, and it remains one of his masterpieces. outsider art is the most important art.

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