Al Pacino ‘reinvents’ himself as mobster at 84

Five decades after his performance Michael Corleone In the legendary “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola and after his legendary career in which he often “flirts” with the gangster genre (see “Scarred face», «Irishman“even this year”Knox is gone” by Michael Cliton), he Al Pacino In the movie “Captivated” he is going to present himself again as a mobster.

According to Deadline, Mr Pacino will star alongside Katie Holmes and Toby Campbell in the said film, which will focus on the infamous true story of the kidnapping of the grandson of “the richest man in the world,” John Paul Getty.

by the same theme was transferred to the big screen Ridley Scott In 2017, with the film “All the Money in the World”, which was overshadowed by its scandal Kevin Spacey and his replacement by Christopher Plummer, both to a rather lukewarm reception from critics and audiences.

According to the publication, the new film version of the story will focus on the mafia leader Saro, who will be played by Campbell and Pacino at different ages.

Born Saverio Mammoliti, “Saro” was part of the group that kidnapped John Paul Getty III, grandson of tycoon John Paul Getty, in Rome in 1973. According to reports, the elder Getty has refused to pay the ransom because he believes his grandson staged it. abduction

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